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shanghai jiazun machinery equipment co.,ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, specializing in the production of energy-saving and environmental protection products such as heat exchangers and heat exchanger units. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, light industry, chemical industry, petroleum, refrigeration, heating and cooling fields. Companies adhering to the "quality for survival, reputation for development" cultural concept, adhere to the "quality-based, service win" business philosophy, always implement the "innovation as the driving force, excellence" management concept. Continuous innovation and development, product quality as the core, closely around the specific needs of customers, with a professional spirit, dedicated attitude, treat every detail of production in line with the spirit of pioneering, innovative and always serving customers to create brilliance hand in hand with customers........


On-demand customization

All kinds are complete

Superior price ratio


After-sales worry-free

fully reinforced

20 years of experience in the industry

well appointed

Monthly output of more than 1000 pieces


Years of experience

Years of Production Experience,Products run through every industry,Covering every industrial city

Technical support

Provide customers with product processing solutions, technical guidance, after-sales maintenance, etc.

National Sales

Our heat exchangers are sold in 34 provincial cities throughout the country, covering the whole country after sales.

Cost performance

Our heat exchange equipment has a high market performance and price, which has won the praise of our customers.

Core productivity

The company has professional production equipment such as cutting machine, winding machine, flame cutting machine, sand blasting machine, 3000 tons press, 12000 tons press, to ensure the quality and quality of each product.

Flame Cutting Machine

The flame cutting heat exchanger frame is to cut the heat exchanger frame by using the high temperature generated during the combustion of iron oxide. The design of flame cutting torch provides sufficient oxygen for the combustion of iron oxide to ensure good cutting effect of heat exchanger and improve the quality of the cutting surface of heat exchanger with very little ballast.

Sand blasting machine

The use of the recuperator of sand blasting machine: in the process of conveying powder particles from one place to another by compressed air in the pipeline and transforming kinetic energy into potential energy, the sand particles moving at high speed can wash the surface of the heat exchanger frame, thus improving the surface quality of the heat exchanger and making it not easy to rust.

Press work

The heat exchanger press is suitable for pressing stainless steel plates to form heat exchanger plate ripple under certain pressure. The ripple of plate can make the fluid produce turbulence at a lower flow rate, so higher heat transfer coefficient can be obtained.


Advanced radiator industry trends

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